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How Online Exam Proctoring Software Make Exams Easy

16 Jun, 2021 5:16:08 PM / by Jasjit Ahluwalia posted in Online Examination Software, Online Exam Proctoring Software


Suspension of face-to-face learning in school has been one of the disconcerting consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Students from all across the globe are experiencing significant disruption to their learning routine secondary to repeated school closures.  To cope, the educational boards nationwide are adopting various strategies such as the introduction of purely online learning or a hybrid format where children are still getting the vital learning they need.  However, another practical issue that needs to be addressed is the examination system to evaluate the effectiveness of students' curriculum.  Online examination system offers a high potential to fulfil this purpose due to increased security over digital test contents, automated test assembly tools and nearly immediate assessment reporting. Another recommended method to improve the credibility of remote online examination systems is through the introduction of proctor software for exams.

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