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13 Reasons Online Assessments Will Save Your Education Institution

24 May, 2020 6:54:06 PM / by Jasjit Ahluwalia



As of 25th May 2020, governments in 153 countries have are continuing school closures. Country-wide school closures have affected over 1.2 billion learners, putting over 68.5% at risk.

In this blog i am going to share  How online assessments Can SAVE your education business at the time of Government led Covid-19 mass educational shutdown?  I am going to share with you 13 reasons why online exam is the ONLY feasible option without which you will kill your education business.

We MUST note that this is particularly the time when various summative assessments and final tests are conducted, which has been affected because of this total shutdown. This has brought forth the need for finding alternative arrangements, which may include-
》Considering The Overall Performance Of Students
》Using Supposed Grades
》Going Through The Coursework
》Online Assessments

Out of all the alternatives, conducting web based exams is the ONLY feasible option. Simply BECAUSE We do not know how long this is going to last!

Enough said, now let's look at the 13 reasons why online exam is the ONLY feasible option without which you will kill your education business:
1. Today’s Generation Is The Biggest Consumer Of Digital Platform. The students these days are more comfortable with using technology and when they get a similar platform for attempting tests their productivity increases.
2. No Requirement Of Administrative Initiative: The Best part with online exam software is that there is no requirement of printing, circulating and collecting answer sheets. The entire test creating, conducting and evaluating procedure is limited to the virtual platform.
3. Quick and Efficient: In comparison to paper-based exams, e-assessments have a greater percentage of efficiency and accuracy.
4. Scalable platform with worldwide reach: Due to the spread of Covid-19, many students have gone back to their home towns or native countries.
5. Flexibility With Remote Proctoring.: The technology of remote proctoring gives the ease to test takers to attempt the exams from the safety of their home.
6. Cost-effectiveness.: Due to reduced dependency on logistics and administrative workforce, online tests are much more cost-effective than the conventional ones.
7. Easy management of candidates: This tool allows the educational outfits to manage the number of students appearing for online exam efficiently.
8th...Enhanced System Of Reporting: With this feature, the imprints or the segments of the test are acquired clearly. 
9. Question Bank Creation: There are obviously different forms of questions as per the demand of the subjects
10. Restricted Movement: Even the users who are using this software for giving their exams have restricted movement. 
11. Security: To prevent leakage of the question paper and ensure safety, the software is encrypted with a secure socket layer.
12. Remote Proctoring: This feature monitors the activity of the test taker. With this, the students are never in a condition to resort to any unfair means during the exam hours.
13. Analysed Results: The in-depth reporting feature of online examination software provides an advanced analysis that is in the form of rank and subject wise reports.

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Jasjit Ahluwalia

Written by Jasjit Ahluwalia

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