Benefits of Online Exam Software For Students

Benefits of Online Exam Software For Students

15 Jun, 2021 5:08:36 PM / by Jasjit Ahluwalia

Integration Of Online Exam Software For Students


The pandemic upended almost every aspect of our daily routine regardless of age and background.  For the bright minds of our young generations, the pandemic has inadvertently reshaped the operational strategy of the education system.  Other than relevant aspects such as curriculum, attendance, and sports, the discussion among modes of testing in light of social distancing has been significantly raised.

As the schooling system undergoes a systematic rethinking to accommodate assessment, innovative companies across the globe have arrived at advanced methods to cater to examinations online.  Instead of taking a test through the conventional pen-and-paper system, candidates can now take their test through the online examination system while circumventing unnecessary close physical contact which is undesirable during the pandemic.  To boost the credibility of online examinations for students, some companies also offer an adjunct remote proctor software where students will be monitored via online video, audio, and screen share connections to guarantee an exam environment that is free from misconduct.




Top 7 Benefits Of Online Examination Software For Students


Companies such as TagScores offer both an online examination system for students and remote invigilation software to provide an avenue for assessment providers to safely conduct mandatory examinations without risking the health and safety of both candidates and invigilators.  With a reliable technology-based online examination system, unsatisfactory or crowded physical exam centers in the middle of the pandemic can be avoided.  Read on for the 7 benefits of an online examination system that guarantee to convince anyone of the superiority of online examination over conventional pen-and-paper assessments. 


1. Improves testing security

With an online exam software, delivery or movement of all examination content will be conducted digitally, therefore, eradicating the need for passing around exam papers.  The gathered information will later be stored in a computerized software and depending on your online assessment provider of choice, you can enjoy the added security of saving the examination data on the cloud with backup servers.

Accessibility of the online exam software will only be limited to authorized personnel which can be customized according to the clients' needs.  For example, an online exam software can enable access of the 'authoring section to the question author while granting full access to the senior administrator.  Likewise, with a physical paper examination, you would risk exposing examination-related data along the way from the printing of the papers to submitting the contents for marking.  With online exam software, on the other hand, all data transfers are conducted online with encrypted security.


2. Limits Room For Exam Misconduct

An online examination system that is paired with a remote proctor service has additional built-in layers of protection to reduce the likelihood of cheating in examinations.

For instance, proctors who are assigned to monitor candidates throughout the online exam for students are highly trained to detect any suspicious activities that involve cheating.  In this event, they will have the power to shut the exam software immediately and report the malpractice to the assessment provider.  

Other added tools to the online examination system include a secure computer lockdown that prevents multiple browsers from simultaneously being opened and also a linear progression of an exam that prevents exam candidates from altering their previous answers as they proceed in the exam.


3. Guarantees Accurate Time Allocation

In an ideal exam environment, all candidates are expected to start the examination at the same time.  However, in a practical world, achieving this goal may be tricky as every candidate may take their time to get ready for the test.  

With an online exam for students,  the start time of the test can be personalized to each candidate, and access to the exam paper can only be granted after they satisfy an ID and environment checks with an online supervisor.


4. Provides Smaller Proctor-To-Candidate Ratio

In a conventional test center, the exam hall is packed with hundreds of students being monitored by a handful of invigilators.  The atmosphere is significantly different at an online examination website, where there is a considerably lower proctor to candidate ratio.  Therefore, despite using a remote proctoring service, the invigilator can monitor candidates more closely for a more reliable exam environment.

Another unique feature of remote proctor software is that the video access is unidirectional; the proctor can view the candidate but not the other way around.  This way, a candidate will not have the luxury of knowing when the proctor is not directly looking at them just in case an attempt of misconduct is contemplated.   


5. Improves Accessibility To All Candidates

Online examination system offers alternative assessment methods to candidates who require customized needs.  For example, students who have difficulties with motor skills can opt for touching the screen for an answer or use the alternative of voice to type input method.  In the case of candidates with dyslexia or visual impairments, personalized exam interfaces can be adjusted in size and contrast.  Since an online exam for students can accommodate a zoom function, the visibility of the exam content can be increased if compared to a pen-and-paper examination.

Accessibility of an online exam for students is also translated to the access of a comfortable exam environment for the candidate without the stress of commuting on the day of the examination.  At TagScores, testimonials from candidates have proven that they find examination less stressful when conducted at home especially when their assigned exam proctor or supervisor are friendly and professional throughout the exam.


6. Better Examination Analytics

Back-end data from online exam software such as time on task, average time completed and the number of log-ins can be directly linked to performance-based data to interpret the difficulty of a particular question and assessment of a candidate's understanding of a topic.  For students, online practice assessment tools can highlight areas of weakness before a final assessment. On the other hand, instructors can utilize analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of course resources and track student engagement to modulate a course as required.


7. Accommodates An Extensive Range Of Assessments

The TagScores online exam software can accommodate various online assessment environments including remotely invigilated online exams, online assessments at assigned exam centers, online assessments without supervision, or simply, just assignments.

In addition, the content of the online assessment can undergo high levels of customization to include various formats, question types, quizzes, and surveys for both formative and summative examinations.  Online exams for students will allow for question randomization which indicates that not one exam paper will be similar in its content.  Other unique features which can be integrated into online examination and evaluation system also include a negative marking system and answer options randomization to reduce the likelihood of cheating in examination.


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With the 7 listed benefits of an online examination system, candidates and instructors alike can be convinced of its reliability and efficiency as an alternative to the conventional in-person assessments.  

At TagScores, we strive to accommodate your online exam requirements from our extensive selection of resources. 

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