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4 Tips to Conduct Assessments in Online Training

11 Nov, 2020 9:43:22 AM / by Jasjit Ahluwalia

Schedule All Assessments, Not Just at the End

Regarding the flexibility of online assessments, instructors need to know the overall schedule of the training to grade whole learning process. With different levels, make exact schedule of assessments to examine all learners' performances. The good point is, instructors can benefit from those results of assessments as feedback, and add improvements in the learning courses of next level. For online training, the scheduled assessments could be easier to be integrated into original learning timeline. Assessments and courses can be based on feedback from previous assessments to engage learners with interactions. At the end, assessment in traditional way also makes sense with maximum efforts. In scheduled training, performance assessments are really helpful to control entire learning process.

Customize Assessment Creation, with Right Tools

To author online assessments with specified requirements, instructors will create and implement quizzes to test undergoing training. Types of quizzes may differ and may feature formats ranging from multiple choice answers, plain typed text responses and true/false and yes/no questions. Instructors should carefully select the assessment authoring tools, according to the usages. Creating quizzes as performance assessments in online training has two categories of tools: desktop applications, or Web applications. Desktop, or Web apps such as Tagscores ( have features to customize assessment creation, but the online usages. Tagscores have plentiful contents and offer easy-to-use quizzes creation online directly.

Track and Evaluate Results, Under Management

As feedback on performance is a critical part of a learning environment, online training instructors really need to analyze all results of performance assessments. In order to evaluate the whole learning process and know the exact data, all assessment results must be properly collected and processed in the assessment system. E-Assessment systems like Tagscores can track assessment results within the system. It comes with a results component,Results Management System, to make all results data from performance assessments arranged as report. Whatever the systems you use, just summarize the reports in the meaningful points you need.

Take Actions on Feedback, Performances Focused

The best part of performance assessment in online training is not just reporting the differences of individual learning process, or scoring the final exam as performance. The results in assessment report aim to inspire instructors to keep improving the efficiency of entire online training. Just take actions on the feedback. With meaningful result of these assessments, instructors have the opportunity to maximize the value of any public or corporate training.

From the approach to performance, knowledge and the core management of the entire training and learning process, efficient online assessment can really increase productivity for organizations. Furthermore, based on proper measurement of learning performance, instructors would improve the process of training with better interactions.

Designing and delivering online tests and assessments can be challenging. Using the built-in tools of a course management system, including an online testing tool and automatic feedback through an online grade book, can make the process easier. Even with the assistance of these tools, the online teacher still needs to provide clear instructions and give their students prompt, personal, and meaningful feedback.



Jasjit Ahluwalia

Written by Jasjit Ahluwalia

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